Pre-Poo Cleansing Treatment

Dive into the ultimate curl care with our newly launched Pre-Poo Cleansing Treatment, specially designed for those seeking to rejuvenate their curly hair. This luxurious treatment uses the newly introduced Clever Curl Oil, expertly applied before shampooing to enhance the health and vitality of your curls.

Here’s what the Pre-Poo Cleansing Treatment involves:

Oil Application: Your session begins with our Clever Curl Oil meticulously applied to your dry hair at the basin. This rich, nourishing oil is packed with botanical lipids to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair and scalp.

Relaxing Head Massage: Enjoy a soothing 5-minute head massage to distribute the oil evenly through your hair to remove dirt, oils and buildup. 

Gentle Detangling: With your hair softened and lubricated by the oil, we gently add water and then gently begin to detangle your curls. 

Thorough Cleanse: Following the detangling process, we meticulously cleanse your curls to ensure all impurities are gently washed away.

Hydration Treatment: After cleansing, we proceed with our signature service—the Hydration Treatment at Curly Cuts. This essential step in the curly salon experience infuses your curls with moisture, enhancing their shine and hydration.

Finishing Options: Choose your preferred finishing method for the treatment—opt for a natural air dry or diffuse/radiant ring lamp dry.

This treatment not only moisturises and nourishes but also clarifies your scalp and hair. It primes your curls, protecting them during the shampooing process and leaving them beautifully defined and vibrant. Experience the transformation at Curly Cuts with our new Pre-Poo Cleansing Treatment, incorporating the fantastic benefits of Clever Curl Oil.

Pre-Poo Cleansing Treatment & Air Dry $75
Pre-Poo Cleansing Treatment & Dry $115

Detox & Reset

When did you last use a low poo shampoo to clean away buildup? 

Nothing beats getting right into the scalp with massage and brushes to clean your scalp thoroughly, removing dirt and buildup.

What is a detox and reset? 

A detox and reset are a deep cleanse to remove product buildup on the hair and scalp, plus a hydration service using a deep treatment. 

First, we remove any buildup on the hair and scalp by deep cleansing with a low poo shampoo so that the deep treatment and hydration can fully absorb into the hair. 

What’s the difference between a hydration and deep treatment?

Hydration uses water to hydrate the hair, while a deep treatment gives the hair moisture, protein, or both. When we use both simultaneously, we get hydration, moisture and or protein to the hair. 

What is included in a Detox & Reset service?

Our Detox & Reset service includes the following.

  • Deep Cleanse using a low poo shampoo from EverEscents. 
  • Hydration using a deep treatment
  • Application of styling products
  • Microplop

The customer leaves with damp hair. The Detox & Reset service does not include a dry). Time 30minutes

Detox & Reset $60

Deep Cleanse And Heat Treatments

We will first do a deep cleanse of your hair with a curly friendly low-poo shampoo to remove any build-up from the hair. Then, we apply a deep treatment of your choice, depending on your curls needs. Now, relax under our radiant heat lamp to really let the deep treatment soak into the hair. Finally, we rinse out the treatment and style your hair!

Deep cleanse, heat treatment & air dry $60
Deep cleanse, heat treatment & dry $105