Tips, tricks and everything Curly

What is a curly haircut?

Curly haircut training from overseas academies Often talked about are those in Australia wanting a “deva” trained or Lorraine Massey curly haircut. Unless you have trained with Lorraine Massey Academy, …

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Wavy Hair and Curly Cutting

Wavies are most welcome at the salon. Like all our curlies, we welcome all curl types to Curly Cuts. Our specialised curly cutting technique suits all curl types, including wavy …

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Refilling Clever Curl and EverEscents

Congratulations! Every little bit we do matters and makes a difference to our beautiful environment. Plus, you save money! When you refill at Curly Cuts, you are guaranteed that our …

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What is a hydration treatment?

A Hydration treatment is the art of gently pushing water into the hair. When done correctly, a hydration service can bounce up the curls, adding shine, definition and way less …

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