Unlock the Secrets to Perfect Curls: A Guide to Different Curly Cutting Techniques

The Curly Cuts Difference: Specialised Curly Cutting Techniques

At Curly Cuts, we are exclusively dedicated to mastering the art of curly hair. While there are numerous curly hair specialists, it’s essential to understand that our approach at Curly Cuts to cutting curly hair is distinctively different.

By cutting each curl using our specialised methods, we can significantly reduce frizz and ensure that each curl sits naturally without uneven tension.

Why We Cut Each Curl Individually

Curly hair naturally falls in unique patterns, making it crucial to cut each curl individually and dry. This method ensures that we respect the natural flow and shape of the curls without using combs to stretch or disrupt the curl pattern. Instead, we use our hands and scissors to cut the curls precisely where they naturally sit.

Training and Expertise in Curly Hair

Our advanced curly hair cutting training is not taught in traditional hairdressing schools. It involves a significant investment, time and experience to master these specialised techniques, which can differ significantly from those used by other “curly specialists” who may cut curly hair wet or dry using combs, often brushing out or combing out the curl pattern.

Our Commitment to Quality Over Quantity

Consequently, our cutting process takes longer because we focus on each curl individually rather than cutting straight across all at once. This careful attention to detail is why our appointments may take more time.

We do this type of curly cutting at curly cuts, which is in high demand by curlies. This focus on specialisation is also why we do not offer colour services at our salon. By dedicating all our resources and training to mastering specialised curly cutting techniques, we ensure that our expertise remains concentrated on delivering the highest quality curly haircuts. This approach allows us to excel in what we consider most important—providing exceptional care and precision for curly hair.

The Curly Cuts Philosophy: Honesty, Integrity, Heart

Since opening our doors, Curly Cuts has evolved tremendously. We have invested considerable time into retraining our team to perfect their skills for curly-haired clients. This journey required patience and understanding from our customers during the initial phases, as becoming experienced in these techniques was not an overnight achievement.

Choose the Right Specialist for Your Curls

Confusion from different sources categorising curly cutters together can also lead customers into getting curly cuts that are not what they are after; for instance, many don’t want their curls brushed or combed out! Or cut wet! Many want the curly cutting we do!

For those considering curly hair services, I encourage you to conduct your own research to find the right specialist for you. Remember, not all “curly specialists” offer the same expertise or cutting techniques.

Curly Cuts stand for Honesty, Integrity and Heart in the Curly community

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