Children’s curly cuts

Children are most welcome in the salon, just like all our curlies.
I have children, so it’s essential to inform you of what is required. If we are prepared as parents, we are not in an awkward, uncomfortable situation. I’ve been there. I get it.

Curly Cuts pricing structure

Our pricing structure is unisex, so the same price is for all ages. Please keep the following in mind, especially if you don’t think they could last long enough in the chair.
Curly cutting is very different to a traditional quick cut. It’s not a quick 10-minute kids’ haircut like your child may be used to. Our trained, experienced curly cutters perform all our cuts.
An individual curl cut will take the same as any other head of curls, adult or child. Usually, a curly cut requires 45 minutes to 1 hour in the chair.

Which appointment should I book?

If the child is older and can handle the time of 2 hours, then we recommend you book the whole works so we can cross-check the cut after the hair is dried. Please only book this if they can lean back in the basin for approximately 15 to 20 minutes whilst we do the hydration. Not all kids, even older ones, can handle this.

We recommend that most children book in a dry curly cut only. This takes approximately 1 hour.

Why is our cutting different

We cut children’s curls just as we do adults. It’s all freehand without combs and using our hands as tools on dry hair. Because we do a lot of freehand cutting, we need the head of hair to be kept still for the safety of our stylists and your child. This is different from using a comb and having the control of pulling away if a kid moves. This may be difficult for some. For instance, my daughter would never be able to pull this off!! Other children amaze me with their stillness.

Important information about safety

If a child moves too much, we would not be able to complete such a complex freehand cut and may
refuse. It’s too dangerous for both of us.
Hair must be completely knot-free, or we will refuse the appointment. We can’t cut curly hair with
individual curl techniques when there are knots in it.

I recommend that all parents assess the above before booking in. If you have a question, please email us at [email protected]

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