How to create a cast on curly hair

What is a cast?

You want this for curls as the cast is what protects the curls as the hair is drying. Think of it like a shell protecting the curls as they dry.

It’s a fundamental element to creating great curls. And don’t touch it until it’s fully dry!! This “Crunchy” feel creates a seal on the curls and will help to prevent frizz and lock in curl formation.

What products are used to create a cast

A gel or other styling product is used to form a cast, and the most common is a gel applied over the top of a primer. For instance, at Curly Cuts, we use Clever Curl Curl Cream or Clever Curl Wonderfoam to prime with, then layer Clever Curl Humid Gel or Clever Curl Dry Gel over the top to form a cast.

My curls are sticky and tacky

If the hair feels sticky or tacky, it is too early to scrunch, and the hair isn’t dry enough. Once the hair is completely dry, the crunchy cast is scrunched. It should reveal soft, bouncy curls. 

Even distribution of products

The key to a great cast is first getting an even and thorough distribution of styling products.

Take time with your applications of products. Make sure you are dividing the hair up and applying enough product. Or use a wet brush for even distribution of the product! Get this step right, and you are on your way to creating a great cast and setting your curls up for a great week ahead!!

A cast doesn’t need to be extra crunchy to work

A cast is essential for great curls, but it doesn’t need to be extra hard and crunchy to work. Some products give lighter casts, others a firmer cast. Your hair also plays a big part in how strong a cast you get. You can use the same gel on various curls and hair types; each can result in a lighter or firmer cast.

When to scrunch out the cast

Wait until your curls are fully dry before scrunching out your cast to reveal soft curls. Don’t touch too early!

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