How to prepare your curls for a curly cut

We cut curls differently from what you would be used to. Our team use new curly methods to cut curls which is entirely different to a “dry curly cut” or traditional wet curly cut. Because the curls are not raked or combed while cut, we need the hair to be adequately prepped.

How do we cut the curls for a dry curly cut? 

We cut the curls dry – first. Because the curls are cut individually with each curl “family”, we need to see the natural curl pattern. This is especially important because curly hair is not uniform. Most people have multiple curl patterns and even textures on their heads. If the hair has been brushed dry or tied up, we cannot assess this appropriately.  If the hair is knotty, then the knots will get in the way of us cutting correctly, and once these are detangled at home, they may result in an uneven shape.

Reminders when booking at Curly Cuts 

Please ensure that you enter the correct email and phone number details. When you book with us, you also get this information in the reminder text and the email confirmation when you book. We recommend that you read the information so that we are not put in the uncomfortable situation of refusing your cut.

How to prepare your curls for a curly cut

  • Clean, dry hair
  • Knot-free
  • Some products, e.g. gel
  • NO buns 
  •  NO ponytails

Please come to your appointment with clean, completely dry hair, free of all knots. Clean hair means hair that has been co-washed (washed with conditioner), cleansed with a no-poo (a gentle cleanser that does not foam) or low-poo (gentle shampoo) the day of or the day before your booking. Some product, such as gel, is acceptable. NO buns and NO ponytails. This is so we can see your curl’s actual shape and structure. If the hair is greasy or overloaded with product, we cannot see the natural bounce of the curls.

If you have knotty curly hair 

If your hair easily tangles, we recommend you cleanse and detangle the hair on the day of your curly cut. We suggest booking the curly cut as late as possible so you can make sure that the hair is completely dry before coming in for the curly cut. The hair needs to be air dried or diffuse dried, not blow dried, for us to see your natural curl pattern.

Young children and serve knotting and or matting

We are here to help you. We just need an open level of communication so we can book the appointment differently. It is common in curly hair, especially in young children, and knotting can be severe if not taught correctly. We can book you an appointment to detangle and teach you how to incorporate a wet brush into your child’s routine. We can teach you and your child how to use products and water to create slip and make brushing pain-free and easy. Please email us for support. 

Booking a reverse appointment 

We will need to book a reverse appointment if you have severe knotting and any matted areas in the curls. A reverse appointment means we wash, detangle, and dry your hair before cutting it. We are more than happy to help you, so please email us at [email protected]. We may require you to come in and see us so our expert team can help you decide the best way to help you. When you book with us, you also get this information sent in your reminder text and email confirmation.

Refusal of your Curly Cuts booking 

If you arrive at the salon and have severe knotting, unclean hair or with the hair tied up, then we will not be able to cut your hair. You will need to rebook on our next available appointment. 

Booking in for the cut, wash and dry 

We recommend that you book the full works for your first curly cut. Because of the nature of our curly cutting methods, it is often necessary to reshape after the hydration and dry.
We have budgeted our price list to include cut only options or cut and wash (no dry) options for those that are short on time or have a tight budget. However, please appreciate that you may need to come back for extra snips if you choose the option without a dry, especially if you have tightly curled hair.

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