Refilling Clever Curl and EverEscents

Congratulations! Every little bit we do matters and makes a difference to our beautiful environment. Plus, you save money!

When you refill at Curly Cuts, you are guaranteed that our refills are –

  • Clean

  • Hygienic

  • Maintained to the highest conditions

  • We have a high turnover of products, ensuring you receive fresh, in-date product 

  • Set policies and procedures in place to ensure a hygienic refill bar

  • Not a self-serve refill bar. We refill your bottles which means we can maintain the strictest of hygiene procedures.

You need to have the correct size EverEscents and Clever Curl bottles.

Please check that you have the correct size bottle for the selected refill—for example – a 450ml bottle for the 450ml and a 100ml travel-size bottle for travel-size refills. We will not put a travel-size refill into a 450ml bottle.

The Clever Curl and EverEscents refill system uses pumps to pump the product from bulk containers into your bottle. Because our pricing isn’t weight-based, we can only refill with the same size bottles. 

You cannot use other brands’ bottles to refill at Curly Cuts.

Selecting different varieties of shampoo and conditioner

You may choose any type available in the corresponding size from EverEscents or Clever Curl. The name on the bottle does not matter. 

For instance, you may have an EverEscents blonde shampoo bottle of 250ml and choose to fill the bottle with a 250ml refill of EverEscents bergamot shampoo. 

Mix and match bottles

Our customers at Curly Cuts can also mix and match the EverEscents and Clever Curl bottles between the brands. 

You can refill a 450ml Clever Curl bottle with a 450ml EverEscents product. This also means that if you have a 250ml bottle of EverEscents, then you can refill that with 250ml of a Clever Curl product or vice versa.  We recommend thoroughly cleaning and drying the bottles if electing to change the product.

Recommendations for cleaning the bottles at home

Clever Curl bottles and EverEscents bottles are designed to be used many times.

The bottles can withstand high water temperatures. They need to be rinsed and washed clean with hot water.

It’s also easy to pull apart the pumps to rinse and clean them.

It is at the discretion of Curly Cuts if your bottle is unfit to refill.

Payment options for refills

We accept cash, Eftpos payments or buy now pay later with in store afterpay.

Online postal refill service

If you can’t get into Curly Cuts to refill, our sister business Natural Eclipse offers an online postal refill service. 

The best value is to load up lots of bottles at once and pop them in a postal bag save to save $$$ too! Our online postal refill service is excellent for customers can’t get that don’t have a refill bar nearby but want to participate in the refill system. 

Loyalty system for refills

Each time you refill with Clever Curl or EverEscents at Curly Cuts, you get a refill card. Just Collect 9 cards, then hand the cards in on your 10th refill to claim your free refill. 

*The free refill amount is calculated on the average amount of the 9 refill cards you have. You must have all 9 cards and hand them into Curly Cuts to redeem the offer. You are responsible for keeping the cards, which will not be replaced if lost.

How is the 10th free refill calculated?

It’s easy if you purchase all the exact prices and brands. For example, if you buy 9 x 450ml Clever Curl Refills at the same price, your 10th Clever Curl Refill is free. We will calculate the average amount and discount it off your 10th refill. 

The credit cannot be used to purchase other products. The free offer is to encourage you to refill and can only be used towards refills. 

Refill and make a difference

When you choose to refill, not only are you shopping innovative and saving money with products bought, but you are also making choices that impact the environment.

The replenish and refill system by EverEscents encourages you to reuse your bottles rather than dispose of them and purchase a whole new product.

Clever Curl, EverEscents and Curly Cuts are committed to reducing single-use plastics. Reduce and reuse.

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