Wavy Hair and Curly Cutting

Wavies are most welcome at the salon. Like all our curlies, we welcome all curl types to Curly Cuts. Our specialised curly cutting technique suits all curl types, including wavy hair.

Curly Cuts Training Sessions For Wavy Hair

At Curly Cuts, we teach the same techniques to incorporate water and slip with products on wavy hair as we do any curly hair.

Our Curly Training Sessions with Jacinta are the perfect starting point for learning all you need to know about your hair type and accentuating your waves.

Wavy Hair And Hydration

Wavy hair can be tricky to manage. Wavy hair has “frizz”, just like curly hair and needs water for hydration. A common mistake by those with wavy hair is using heavy moisturising products instead of incorporating water and curly methods, which help to create slip and minimalise frizz.

Curly Cuts Tips On How To Care For Wavy Hair

  • Incorporating water in your curly routing and creating slip will help minimalise frizz.
  • Increase the volume and encourage more curl using a diffuser attachment on a high-quality hairdryer adding root clips/ or afro metal air picks for extra lift at the roots.
  • Use a wet brush to distribute styling products and conditioners and to help create slip and minimalise wet frizz.
  • Make sure you wash out all your conditioner from wavy hair. Not thoroughly rinsing out conditioners can be too heavy on wavy hair, so your hair may not be as light and bouncy. Instead, try a leave in product such as Clever Curl Curl Cream or EverEscents Universal Styling Cream. Or try a lighter option such as Clever Curl Wonderfoam, which doubles as an excellent refresh product for wavy hair. For tips on Clever Curl Wonderfoam, click here.
  • If you need extra grit without weighing down your waves, try the NEW EverEscents Organic Volumising Mist. Just mist throughout, then add a gel over the top and diffuse dry. This product is also a beautiful refresh spray on wavy hair. Try using the refresh spray without a gel over the top for very fine hair.

Embracing Your Wavy Hair

It is natural to want something someone else has, especially with hair. With wavy hair, it is essential not to compare your hair to another person’s. For example, products designed for thick, coily, dry hair often aren’t suitable for waves.

Achieving healthy, great looking hair is all about learning which products and techniques suit your hair type and lifestyle. You’re now on a new hair journey of self-discovery to find products suited to you, and we’re here to help guide you. Embrace it, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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