What is a hydration treatment?

A Hydration treatment is the art of gently pushing water into the hair. When done correctly, a hydration service can bounce up the curls, adding shine, definition and way less frizz.

It is a skill to do this correctly, which is why our entire team at Curly Cuts have had professional training in correct hydration.
Water is a curlies best friend. Get used to this term water, water and more water.

Why curly hair is like a sponge

I like to refer to it like a giant sponge. We don’t want just to wet the outside of the sponge. We need to get the water inside the core of the sponge to make it work great. Bounce that sponge back to life!!!! That’s why we see some speculator results with hydration on dry curly hair, especially blondes!! And bouncy, shiny curls. A healthy curly hair sponge!

We can smooth the outside of the sponge with deep treatments and conditioners, which will make the sponge feel nice, look good, protect, and nourish. However, the inside is still dry if we haven’t hydrated it or if it’s losing water quickly from the exterior.

We need to get to the core of the sponge and then have a healthy outside exterior too. Trap the water in the sponge with a healthy exterior for as long as possible!

If the sponge is dehydrated and in poor condition on the outside, with damage and tears, it will lose water quicker. It might even have a horrible shape, like a Xmas tree or shelf.

Curly Salons and hydration

Many curlies also like to do hydration between visits! This is why curl salons such as Curly Cuts are so popular. We take the time and do the hydration correctly. It’s also why a specialist curl salon will look at curly hair as a whole package. It’s about the cut, the products, the routine and the curly hair hydration. It’s about our curly team teaching you.

It’s the inside, the outside and, of course, the shape of the sponge. Think Olaplex and hydration for inside the sponge and good quality external products for the outside of the sponge e.g.conditioners, treatments. Then styling for how to keep the sponge staying in shape.

How often should I have a hydration treatment?

How often you have hydration will depend on several factors. This includes the condition of your curly hair and budget. At Curly Cuts, we recommend, on average, once every 4 – 8 weeks.

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