Why don’t we use thinning scissors at Curly Cuts?

At Curly Cuts, we use the newest curly cutting techniques to achieve the best results for our curly’s and wavy’s. We create shape and volume using layers and individual curl cutting instead of thinning, texturizing or razoring. In fact, we don’t have these tools in the salon, as they can damage the shape of curly hair.

What happens when curly hair is thinned?

When thinning curly hair, thinning scissors, razor cutting or slicing with scissors are used to thin the curls and reduce the bulk of the hair. This results in curls that are separated from what we call their ‘curl families’. Rather than being one cohesive curl, we are left with a wispy curl, which can create a lot of frizz. This can also result in hair that is easily tangled and potentially can be more prone to split ends.

What do we do instead of thinning curly hair

Shaping is an excellent way to reduce some of the bulk and weight in curly hair. We prefer to use the words “shaping” because curly cutting creates different layering than traditional wet cutting. Because our cuts are always done on dry hair, the layers we create are cohesive and take into account each individual curl family. Shaping allows plenty of hair to be cut without sacrificing length or the integrity of the hair. This technique can give the hair a fantastic shape that grows out well and doesn’t require constant maintenance.

What do I do if I’ve had my hair thinned already?

Unfortunately, it just has to grow out. There is no way to fix damaged hair except by cutting it off. We recommend using products with solid hold, such as the Clever Curl Humid Weather Gel, to reduce frizz and keep any flyaways at bay. The gel can be reactivated with water, so if you notice halo frizz during the day, just wet your hands and smooth it down!

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